Christmas: The Greatest Missionary Story

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Her countenance changed and she became the nicest person. She loved the Book of Mormon. When she finished it, she shared its truths with others.

It all started with a small plate of cookies. I am one of eight sisters working as a welfare missionary in a Vietnamese refugee camp. The Primary children reenacted the manger scene and story as told in Luke. They were as delighted to do it as we were to watch. Christmas Eve we went caroling through the camp. I have never been so exhausted.

I have never been so at peace. The full-time elders helped with the party. We invited three families to our house for family home evening. And we prepared lunch for all the missionaries in Ibadan.

Christmas- An Incredible Bridge to Share the Greatest Story Ever

The spirit of love and fellowship and the love of Jesus Christ was very strong during our Christmas as missionaries. I must say it was really nice not to worry about all that holiday rush everyone else worried about. It is a blessing to spend time in the mission field during Christmas even though you are away from home. Members were a great source of strength to me during the holiday season.

Mission 360˚ TV - Just for Kids (Children's Story)

They all tried to do what they could to make the time away from home easy on us as missionaries. I think the highlight of our missionwide conference was when all the missionaries received letters from home. The whole building was filled with tear-streaked faces, and I must admit I shed a few myself.

Former LDS missionary recalls the Christmas morning in Mongolia he'll never forget

I was starting to think about home quite a lot, and it was really hurting me to know that I was going to be away from my family. I got on my knees several times and asked for comfort and to ask that my family would be comforted too. So we took a broom and turned it upside down to make branches for the ornaments. Plus is was a lot of fun. My family sent a package for both my companion and me with 11 gifts as an Advent calendar. With each gift there was a scripture to read, and then we had to guess what the gift could be. On Christmas Eve we joined the rest of our zone and went to a local convalescent hospital.

We read the Christmas story from the Bible and sang carols to the beautiful people there. We ended our night by telling each other of our love for the Savior.

Mission Lessons

We arose the next morning and sang some Spanish Christmas songs and read the Bible together. That is the way it should be as a missionary. Show Hide. Elder Brad H. Page Here in Puerto Rico this year everyone was cleaning up after a storm. Elder Neal Moore We enjoyed a Christmas party at the mission home.

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Sister Kristie Wilson I am one of eight sisters working as a welfare missionary in a Vietnamese refugee camp. Elder James B. Kunzler I must say it was really nice not to worry about all that holiday rush everyone else worried about. Elder Roy L. Elder Ian J.

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There she showed her great love and determination, serving in that country for almost 40 years. The story encourages children to use their gifts to serve God in whatever place He puts them. Watch promo video here.. Pete Menjares, a former drug addict and gang member, experienced God's transforming power and learned that God's path was best for him. Children will learn that God's plans are best and He can save anyone. This missionary story contains six thought provoking lessons about reliance on God to provide and protect.

Ravi Zacharias is one of today's leading evangelist. Children will learn that Ravi grew up in India where most of the people didn't know about God. As a result of receiving the Lord as his Savior Ravi had a changed heart and mind and travels the world sharing the message of Christ. Madugu finds a cure for his sore leg and his sinful heart in this true story from Liberia proclaiming the power of the Gospel.

Full-color flashcards in this single lesson have both English and Spanish text printed on the back of each.

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  • Corrie remained faithful and strong in the Lord despite the terror of World War II, the danger of hiding Jews in her home and her resulting imprisonment in a German concentration camp. Inspire children to be witnesses for Christ through this five-chapter true story of God's faithfulness to Hudson Taylor as he journed to China, encountered difficulties there and influenced a hundred other missionaries to follow him.

    Spanish teacher text for the five chapters on the life of Hudson Taylor.


    Dare children to accept the challenge of living for God through this five-chapter story on the life of missionary Amy Carmichael. The true story from India is sure to impact the children you teach! View demonstration of this lesson here. Use the resources below to enrich your Christmas celebrations and help you to focus on the Savior this season.

    Jesus Christ. Matthew — Luke — Helaman —8. Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith, chapter 3. admin