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Manfred S. Frings, Mable. Frings, Manfred S. Frings, Marcus. Frings, Marie-Luise. Frings, Matthias. Frings, Matthias, Frings, Matthias, author. Frings-Merck, Ute. Frings, P. The true cause set in a clear light, according to hippocrates, and the most eminent amongst the modern physicians; together with the prescriptions that effectually cure that malady. Translated from the Latin of P. Frings, Paul, sociologist. Frings, Roger. Frings, Theodor, Frings, Udo.

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Frings, Ulrike E. Ulrike Elisabeth , Frings, Victoria, actor. Fringuelli, Francesco. Frink, Alexandra. Frink, Charles. Frink, Elisabeth, Frink, Fred Goodrich. Frink, H. Maki Na Kamura and seven pictures Art. The work of Maki Na Kamura is one of the most interesting positions in contemporary painting. The artist describes herself as a… Read more. Meditation Religion. Reading and conversation with Doris Anselm and Isabelle Lehn. Moderation: Marlen Hobrack For centuries, women under the male gauze acted and… Read more.

Heavy metal fans - plants hungry for heavy metal Workshop. Certain plant species tolerate heavy metals in the soil far better than other plants. Lynn Chadwick — Beasts of the Times Art. The first retrospective of the British sculptor Lynn Chadwick in Germany centres around 60 sculptural works, various drawings… Read more. Parent-child gymnastics Sports. For children from 3 years. Is aimed at children and families. II: Jan Brandt Reading. Classical Music.

City Tours. Experience Berlin from a new side, enjoy a bike ride through the green southwest of the city. Escape the hectic center of Berlin and get to… Read more.

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Guided Tour. Experience Berlin from a new side, enjoy a bicycle tour through the green southwest of the city. Escape the hectic centre of Berlin and get… Read more. A walk through the water and moss garden to honored persons and mythical figures in scientific plant names Workshop.

Historical-botanical tour with Lotte Burkhardt. Picnic in the countryside Religion. Picnic at the Waldsee. Please bring blankets and food for sharing. Tea and coffee are available. Top Event. Escape into the pictures Top Event. The exhibition "Flucht in die Bilder? The exhibition critically… Read more. Vacation without suitcases Guided Tour. A seafaring, that's funny A German-Slovenian evening with wine and poetry Reading. Feminist liberation theological summer academy Read more. The journey to Botania continues! Piano solo: Wataru Hisasue Classical Music. Dream Weddings Exhibitions.

Wedding - the great dream. For many, the most important moment in life. What do these dreams look like? How are they created? How have they… Read more. Not just oak and limb tree - trees of the world Workshop.

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In Germany there are about 70 tree species, there are about 60, known tree species worldwide. People like to get married in fairy tales! For wedding passages from fairy tales there are wedding dishes all over Europe. An event in… Read more. In the park of Glienicke there are many a secret to discover. Strange beings from distant lands, golden lions, griffins and even gods have… Read more. Rummel im Museum Workshop. Whether fair, carnival, shooting festival - there is always something to celebrate.

In the exhibitions you will learn how and why our… Read more. The exhibition "Escape into Art? Not just oaks and limbtrees - trees of the world Workshop. Literature and Urbanism in divided Cities. Max Liebermann - Garden Paintings Art. The permanent exhibition assembles a collection of the most beautiful garden paintings of Max Liebermann at their place of origin and also… Read more.

Graffiti-Workshop Workshop. To kick off the summer holidays, we invite young people, after a tour of the museum itself to grab the spray can and make their own graffiti… Read more. On the Peacock Island there are not only peacocks although this name might be suspected! Fontanes hikes over the peacock island II Workshop. Friedrich Wilhelm III was fascinated after a trip to Paris by the exotic flora and fauna which he had visited there in the Jardin des… Read more. Like no other city in the world, Berlin has always been a focal point of the Cold War.

Even today, traces of this time can be found in urban… Read more. Wedding Dreams History. The wedding — the big dream. For many people, the most important moment of their lives. How are they created… Read more. The Helvetic Festival Reading. Herdanziehungskraft History. The food of cooked food is natural for us humans and everyday in the truest sense of the word.

The interactive exhibition… Read more. As part of "The Finals - Berlin ", an Everyman Triathlon will take place on 3 August for all those who want to try out the triathlon for… Read more. The living culture of the 20s Guided Tour. Zehlendorf was Berlin's most popular district in the twenties. No industry or noisy leisure culture, but a lot of green peace near water and… Read more.

The classic of Fontane, in the Fontane year back on stage!

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To date, the material has lost none of its topicality, since it raises questions… Read more. Effi Briest - Theodor Fontane's th birthday Performance. Somewhat reluctantly, Theodor Fontane - accepted the father's wish to be trained as a pharmacist. In addition, he worked… Read more. Sun hat, sun bride, solstice - the love of the sun in the name Workshop. In addition to the classic representative sunflower, there are many species that feel comfortable in the sun.

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Children's Guided Tour: Around the world in 80 minutes Workshop. It's quicker than by plane from Edelweiss in the Alps to the Himalayas to the redwood in the Rocky Mountains. Nine federations carry out their championships on 3 and 4 August Sports… Read more. Orgelvesper Religion.

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Jenny Michel: Exit Art. Jenny Michel combines objects, drawings, texts and sound to complex works, which possess a multi-layered contentwise background of… Read more. Historical-botanical garden tour to honored persons in scientific plant names with Lotte Burkhardt. She is the author of the 'Directory of… Read more.

Charlys Tante Play. Sema and Aishe do not have it easy. Gender equality and tradition in Brandenburg: Many people in Brandenburg also live with different religious convictions. Some believe Shiite… Read more. Full of the Fontane - Theodor Fontane's th birthday Performance. No other poet speaks so brilliantly of the Prussians as Fontane. Top hit number 1 is still the indestructible "Herr von Ribbeck". But today… Read more. Voll der Fontane - Schlosshoftheater Play. Have fun with Prussia's Goethe: On the occasion of his th birthday, Prussia's greatest poet, Grunewald, dips his goose quill in the… Read more.

Flag with plants - national plants of Europe and Mexico Workshop. When people are asked which plants they associate with Germany, they usually answer "the oak tree". Regina Scheer: God lives in Wedding Lecture. Book presentation and reading by the author Regina Scheer Read more. The seminar is aimed at hobby photographers, who increasingly want to get to know and try out the creative aspects of plant photography. Berlin, your face has freckles - that's what the great Hildegard Knef has already said.

And when, if not for the summer wedding, Antje Rietz… Read more. Summer party in the Schlossparktheater Play. Dear viewers! Do you remember …? After an intensive renovation phase of 8 months, we awakened the Schlosspark Theater on Lecture "Katja Strunz and sculpture at the beginning of the 21st century" Lecture. Lecture by Dr. Barbara Kuon, University of Karlsruhe, about Katja Strunz and sculpture at the beginning of the 21st century. The artist is… Read more. Italian journey Reading. The garden hall at Schloss Glienicke is the ideal venue for an inspiring salon evening that takes visitors back to the 19th century.

Prince… Read more. The whole theatre is boiling and vibrating: Hardly a spectator sits more on his place, on the corridors one dances. Everywhere the hands are… Read more. Der letzte Raucher The last smoker Play. Have most of your friends and acquaintances already stopped smoking? Only you haven't quite succeeded yet? Then you'll feel like our' last… Read more. Der Sommerwachtraum Performance. Gabi is drawn once again by her longings and dreams in the south.

After an adventurous drive to Italy, she meets a fearless men's trio on… Read more. Romeo und Julia Play. Pupils, students and trainees play theatre! Rediscover classics! Illuminate the themes of time! Theatre in a sheltered room! Since the … Read more. Max Liebermann: Letters, Volume 8 Lecture. With an introduction by the… Read more. Thomas Borchert spielt "Novecento" Play.

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They are not infinite. You are infinite. And in these keys, the music you can do is infinite! Could even more people in Germany volunteer if it was paid? Does equality of opportunity mean that the slowest determines the cruising speed… Read more. Come into contact with the production team of our new production before the premiere. Learn about the development and development of our own… Read more. European Cultural Days: Essen connects History. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the MEK, aspects of the collection presentation "Cultural Contacts. Life in Europe" for eight… Read more.

A good half hour of music. Performer s : Cantor i. Adel verpflichtet Play. If Victor Lopez hates one, it's injustice. Now he is in prison. Of course, he has a lot of trouble, but he did not commit the murder for… Read more. More than 80 perennials and herb gardeners as well as nurseries from all over Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands line the almost… Read more. KunstStoff Holz Market. On the day of the open monument stands in the hunting lodge Grunewald the "artificial material" wood in the center. Wood carvers, violin… Read more.

Rollen, fliegen, tragen lassen — lasst uns auf die Reise gehen Workshop. Plants are firmly rooted, yet they can open up new habitats. They spread with fruits and seeds.

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In the course of evolution a variety of… Read more. Guided Tour for kids: Of cake trees and colorful fruits Workshop. The fruits are ripe. Not only berries in many colors and sizes shimmer through the still green foliage of the plants. The scientific exploration of South America and Russia Workshop. Historical-botanical tour in the greenhouses to honored persons in scientific plant names with Lotte Burkhardt.

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She is the author of the… Read more. Both full-blooded actors, both contemporary witnesses, both legends. Ursula Karusseit, the great theatrical performer and unforgettable… Read more. Schobesberger goes Sinatra Play. It was initially not sure if the Sinatra show… Read more. Apfelstrudel trifft Baklava - Apple strudel meets baklava Play.

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It's finally over - the wait is over! The comedy show "Apfelstrudel meets Baklava" returns to the Schlosspark Theater in the capital. Franziska Troegner and Jaecki Schwarz present humorous crime stories. In 10 wonderful roles, the two pursue the question: Does man want to… Read more.

Fast Fashion - Slow Fashion History. The exhibition "Fast Fashion. The dark sides of fashion" takes a critical look behind the scenes of glamorous fashion.

Time for me Religion. A day for women with offers for body, mind and soul Read more. German Breastfeeding and Lactation Congress Congress. Theodorakis' life is that of a vigorously and stubbornly acting composer, poet and politician; it is a life for freedom. This is made… Read more.

The world of relationships gets out of hand, sexes are not at all innate, but social assignments, not termed term work must be rewritten,… Read more. Women - from royal blood to the writer - all honored in scientific plant names Workshop. Historical-botanical tour for women and men in the garden and in the greenhouses with Lotte Burkhardt.

She is the author of the 'Directory… Read more. Climate change with heat waves and extreme drought requires an increase in the biodiversity of Central European shrubs. Children's Guide: Autumn is a painter - he paints the leaves Workshop. Autumn has begun, the foliage turns and falls from the trees. This is the opportunity to see the colorful leaves close up. Brigitte Grothum reads Fontane Play. The artistic work of Theodor Fontane was shaped by the relationship and the love of the homeland.

There is hardly a place of the Mark… Read more. With… Read more. Thomas Borchert's very personal songs and stories reflect life in all its facets. Sometimes seriously thoughtful, sometimes melancholic… Read more. Some go, the others begin - colorful foliage and flowers Workshop. The fruits are ripe, the wind blows the colorful leaves from the trees, the perennials move in. For some plants now the flowering begins.

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