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Spain was hit by more wildfires as temperatures remained sky-high in the Europe-wide heat wave, authorities said, just as firefighters finally managed to contain another blaze they had been tackling for nearly 72 hours. A firefighter takes the blood pressure of a woman suffering from the heat in Tours on June 27th, , during a heat wave. Europeans braced on June 27th for the expected peak of a sweltering heat wave that has sent temperatures soaring above 40 degrees Celsius Fahrenheit , with schools in France closing and wildfires in Spain spinning out of control. People swarm a public beach amid a heat wave in Valencia, Spain, on June 29th, French police officers check cars for low-emission vehicle decals while restrictive traffic measures are in place to limit a build-up of air pollution during a heat wave on June 27th, , in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, near Lyon.

Alaska is bracing for record warm temperatures and dry conditions in parts of the state. Anchorage hit a record high of 90 degrees Fahrenheit on July 4th. An Indian boy cools off in a waterfall during a hot summer day at the Basistha area in Guwahati, India, on June 13th, Although its effects have been bleak, the weather produced some stunning images.

Extreme Cold Weather Around the World (in Photos)

Climate change protests around the world are stopping traffic and leading to widespread arrests. Record-high temperatures continue to exacerbate fire, drought, and other negative weather patterns around the world. Planes are grounded, tap water comes out hot, and we'd all better get used to it.

The heat takes a break –

People took advantage of the warmth, but along with the mild weather came the eruption of multiple wildfires. News in Brief. Social Justice. Here are selected images from the heat wave in Europe and Alaska. In order to prevent heat illness it is important to allow the body to cool down. By stopping physical work activities and replacing them with rest the body cools down.

Also, as the body cools heart rate and respiration slow down.

A Brief Break From the Heat and Humidity for Monday

The body cools during resting by:. A rest break is not the same as a preventative cool down rest period CDRP.

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Regular rest breaks help cool the body to eliminate the need for a CDRP. They involve alternating normal work activities with regularly scheduled rest breaks. In addition to making work severity and duration adjustments, during high heat or a heat wave it may be necessary to take additional measures to prevent Heat Illness see Extra Measures During High Heat ; see Acclimatization.

The judgment and experience of supervisors or other designated person s who are at the worksite is vital when scheduling regular rest breaks. The timing, frequency, and length of these breaks needs to be based on:.

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Remember, healthy employees are far more productive throughout the work shift and are also much less likely to develop heat illness or become injured. Ensure that your employees take their regularly scheduled breaks and frequently drink sufficient amounts of water. It is important to:.

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